Tuesday, 18 March 2014


5Adei (rice pancakes with pulses and greens)
1. Rice 2 measures (preferably “boiled” rice – this doesn’t
Dal 1 – 1 ½ measures (eg chick peas ¼, mung ½, uraddal
¼, or sambar dal aka harad dal ¼
Soak 2-4 hours
put in liquidiser and grind to thick paste with water - to consistency
of ………. very thick pancake (like scotch pancake/drop scone)
2. pepper
dry red chilli
curry leaves add while grinding
green chilli
3. cabbage
onion chop very small and mix after
(NOT garlic)
Put dollops or ladlefuls on to very hot frying pan greased with onion
on a fork dipped in oil and rubbed over the surface. Smoothe out
into a pancake with circular sweeps. Sprinkle some oil on top.
Don’t try and turn over until the edges start to lift up by themselves.
Serve with tomato chutney (see next page) pickles, mint chutney,
yoghurt and salad……
This is Durga’s recipe from Tamil Nadu…. And of course it tastes best eaten in India for
breakfast after frothy coffee…and always with the fingers.

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